Beghelli LED Bulbs

 Beghelli SpA  LED products are now available on line in New Zealand.

Why Buy Beghelli

 Beghelli uses high quality components backed by Italian design to produce relaible bulbs which will pay for themselves in just over a year of normal use.  The bulbs are designed to have an average life of 35,000 hours.

The design of Beghelli bulbs directs 100% of the light produced into the living space.  A traditional bulb wastes up to 40% of the light produced lighting the attic or lost in the fitting. As a rule of thumb, multiply the  Wattage of the LED's below by 9 to find the equivalent of the traditional incandescent bulb they will replace.

The Warm White light colour is a shade whiter than a traditional bulb.  The traditional colour is 2700K and the LED is 3000K.  It is only a small difference but the LED seems a cleaner light.



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