B15 4 Watt LED Candle Clear

NZ $8.90

56013-10 Small Bayonet base (B15) Oliva EcoLED candle 4 Watts 340 Lumen 2700K replaces 25 Watt


230 Volt LED Bulbs


Oliva EcoLED    56013-10

4 Watt Clear Standard Shaped Candles

 These replace an old style incandescent 25 Watt candle but will save up to 85% of the power used and will last at least 20 times longer
These are Warm White 2700K
They produce 340 Lumen of light which will replace a traditional 25 Watt bulb


Base                             B15  Small Bayonet Base
Dimensions                  35mm diameter, 99 mm overall height
Colour temperature      2700K  Warm White
Power                           4 Watts
Light output                   340 Lumen
Expected Life                35,000 hours



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