R80 LED bulb for Downlights

NZ $15.90

56040-20B R80 11Watt LED Replaces 100 Watt in recessed downlights.


230 Volt LED Bulbs


R Series EcoLED               NEW 12 Watt


R80 LED bulb to replace 100 Watt bulbs in traditional downlights. These bulbs use 12 Watts and will save you 85 % of the power you currently use for in your existing downlight. and you will get better light

The bulbs produce 960 Lumen and 100% of this is directed downwards into the room as useful light, none of it is lost in the fitting or goes to light the attic.   Because of this the bulb gives better and cleaner light than the traditional 100 Watt bulbs.

These are Edison Screw bulbs


Lamp Base       E27  Edison Screw Base
Size                  Diameter 80mm, length 116mm   
Power              12 Watts
Colour Temp     3000K
Life to 70%       35,000 hours



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