Standard Shaped LED bulb 12 Watts

NZ $30.39

56003 12W 1100 Lumen LED bulb Non Dimming or Dimmable replaces a 100 Watt traditional bulb


230 Volt LED Bulbs


Goccia EcoLED   56003

Powerful 12 Watt LED bulb able to replace a 100 Watt bulb  and uses only 12% of the power.  Will outlast a standard bulb at least 25 times.

12 Watts produces 1150 Lumens which are all directed into the room and none go up into the ceiling space.  This bulb produces more useful light than a 100 Watt old style bulb.

Fits any 100 Watt light fitting this bulb size is 65mm diameter and 120mm overall length.

Why they are a good investment:

1. Life is expected to be 35,000 hours

2 They use 12 Watts instead of 100Watts to deliver better light, and save 80% of the light bill

3. They run cooler so light fittings last longer, and the bulbs do not cook the lampholder and seize in the fitting.

4. No need to change bulbs in high places for a very long time.

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