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Hunza Architectural Lighting

The Hunza range of architectural lighting is made in New Zealand to a very high standard of quality.  The Ultra range is designed to allow the LED module and the LED driver to be replaced when they ultimately fail in the distant future.
Ultra Pillar Light   PIL/U
NZ $1,934.32
Ultra Down Light   DL/U
NZ $1,449.14
Ultra Pole Spot PS/U
NZ $1,924.04
Ultra35 Pole Spot PS/U35
NZ $1,226.10
Ultra Wall Spot WS/U
NZ $1,924.04
Ultra Wall Spot 26 Watt WS/U35
NZ $1,228.20
NZ $2,653.23
Bollard Ultra Vandal Proof
NZ $1,888.17
Safetouch 100 Inground
NZ $1,409.95
Safetouch 100 Inground RGBW
NZ $3,118.27
Phone.  0800 695 444 or 09-475 6747 
PO Box 118, Rolleston, Christchurch 7643, NZ