Ceiling Claw lights

NZ $52.22

Incandescent ceiling claw lights.


Ceiling Lights




Claw Ceiling Lights




Acid Glass Lens

All lights are sold  with Satin Chrome Claws as standard
Brass (Claw-BS) or white (Claw-WH) are available separately as an optional extra


CL-2401 is 300mm in diameter with  1 bulb

CL-2402 is 350mm in diameter with  2 bulbs

CL-2405 is 450mm in diameter with 3 bulbs

The bulbs are Edison Screw base and can be Incandescent, Compact Fluorescent or LED.  The maximum power per bulb is 60 Watts.

There are white or brass claws available :

CL2401-claw Select model  from drop down box.

The white or brass  claws are an optional extra and can be selected from the drop down box.

Light Bulbs not included

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