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LDL125 Replacement for 125mm Downlights 12 Watts

Light plus Driver    A-Superlux-logo


The LDL125  downlights have been designed by Superlux to match the performance of the SD125 and SD100 compact fluorescent downlights

IC Rated no penetration of the insulation is required to install a driver

This means that they are straight replacements for downlights with a 125mm up to 135mm diameter cutout.   They use the same wiring and have an inbuilt driver.  The faceplate has an outside diameter of 148mm to match the SD series of downlights.

The 12 Watts produces more light than the traditional 100 Watt downlight and reports indicate it may be slightly brighter.  The colour is 3000K which is slightly whiter than the more yellow 2700K, this produces a cleaner feel without being a cold light.

The light is dimmable down to 30%

The design is specifically for NZ conditions so that the ceiling is sealed and the unit is IC rated which allows the insulation to abut and cover it

Recommended RRP $78.90



Junction box is the same as existing downlights, allowing for a simple changeover

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