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Halogen Linear Lamps 240 volt, 118mm length

Linear halogen bulbs operate on 220 to 240 volts and are usually coded R7s
These lamps are 118mm in length and will work in any of the long linear fittings.

These lamps are Superlux or Kandolite or Sylvania whichever are in stock

To choose a lamp Select the bulb by using the Wattage in the drop down box below the price


                                     100 Watts           

                                     150 Watts          

                                     200 Watts           

                                     250 Watts          

                                     300 Watts           

                                     500 Watts                   

The returns policy does not apply to light bulbs.    When these are returned they are effectively second hand and cannot be resold.
So please choose the bulb carefully

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