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MR16 12 Volt LED Bulb 6 Watt

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56035-01 Two pin 12 Volt LED bulbs in 6 Watt LED 420 Lumen Replaces 35-50 Watt halogen bulb

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LED 12 Volt Bulbs


Spot MR16 EcoLed 6 Watts     56035-01

The 6 Watt bulb is suitable for use in all halogen fittings where there is some air movement.  The original transformer may not have an operating range low enough for the LED and this may need replacing with a suitable transformer

The Light output is similar to a 35 Watt halogen bulb.  The beam angle is 35 degrees and this is close to the most used halogen, which is the Wide Flood of 38 degrees

Power                         6 Watts
Light Output                420 Lumens
Light Colour                Warm White 3000K
Life                              35,000 hours
Size                             50mm diameter 42 mm high




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