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Extra Mounting


Directional Wall Spot Lights


  • Directional Halogen Spots made from high quality die cast aluminium and powder coated in silver, copper and black.
  • The spots use a powerful 50 watt bulb operating on 12 volts AC. 
    MR16 12 volt 50 watt bulb   or   MR16 LED 5 Watt Bulb
    They require a transformer which if possible should be mounted inside the wall or in the eaves above the light.   If this cannot be achieved an outside transformer can be used. (transformers not included)
  • The tube is 55mm diameter x 120mm high,  The Base is 90mm in diameter.
  • The lights have a number of mounting options ; 
1. They can be wall mounted (standard)
2. A 150mm or 300mm extension can be used to extend the spot out from the wall or to raise the spot above a drive or wall
3. The spot can be mounted on a stake for garden use.







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