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Outdoor Lanterns

Composite Resin outdoor Lanterns will last a very long time and have a 20 year Warranty against corrosion.  The Polycarbonate lanterns are corrosion proof but UV rays will damage them over a long period.  The Aluminium lanterns should not be used near the sea or near a chlorine treated pool.
Lucca Wall Lantern
NZ $148.30
Vittotria Wall Lantern
NZ $127.90
Vittotria Wall Top Lantern
NZ $119.90
Avellino Wall Lantern
NZ $159.36
Campania Wall Lantern
NZ $130.84
Sandwell Wall Lantern
NZ $89.00
Croydon  Lantern
NZ $90.74
Otto Wall Lantern
NZ $104.35
Lucca Post Lantern
NZ $109.37
Lead Light Lantern Large
NZ $107.80
Aluminium Lantern EL270DN
NZ $49.00
Lucca Hanging Lantern
NZ $125.00
60mm Diameter Resin Poles
NZ $38.90
76mm Diameter Resin Poles
NZ $35.86
Bases for Resin Poles
NZ $26.26
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