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LED Lantern P9041

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The lantern has three light output settings and lights a 360 degree area.
One press on the power button gives low out put  of 10 Lumens, about the level of a street light, this lasts for 40 hours
Two presses is medium out put 50 Lumens and lasts for 10 hours
Three presses  gives high output 120 Lumens which lasts for four hours.

The battery is recharged by opening the lantern from the middle to expose the two large solar panels and leaving it  in good sunlight for 4 to 6 hours
If necessary the lantern can be charged  by connecting it to a USB port with the cable supplied. The battery is  a  2.2 Ampere Hour Li-Ion.  

There are many uses for this lightweight (0.53 Kg)  lantern including camping and emergency lighting in a power cut.


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