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LED Hints

Light Still On When Power Is Off

If an LED light remains glowing after it has been switched off it is not a faulty light fitting. 
Like any other bulb electric current must still be supplied to the LED to make it light up,

The usual problem is the live wire between two way switches being run alongside the LED supply circuit.  The AC in the live wire will induce a current in the nearby conductors.

The cure is to relocate the live wire, though best option is to think of this when planning the wiring.


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Head Aches, Migraine

Feeling tired and head aching after working under LED lighting?  

Check if the light is flickering by viewing it through the viewfinder of your mobile phone camera.  Flickering of an LED is at 100 cycles per second and is not visible to the naked eye.

The cure is to change the LED driver for a better quality flicker free driver.
Which Bulb

To help decide the Wattage of the LED bulb to use, here is a simple Rule of thumb.  Divide the Wattage of the traditional bulb by 9 to find a suitable LED bulb.
For example to replace a 100 Watt bulb look for a 11 LED Watt bulb

Drivers of IC downlights work best if they are installed above the insulation.  This will increase the life of the driver.
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