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Which Bulb

To help decide the Wattage of the LED bulb to use, here is a simple Rule of thumb.  Divide the Wattage of the traditional bulb by 9 to find a suitable LED bulb.
For example to replace a 100 Watt bulb look for a 11 LED Watt bulb

Drivers of IC downlights work best if they are installed above the insulation.  This will increase the life of the driver.
Most manufacturers void the warranty if the driver is placed under the insulation.


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Choosing an LED Replacement Downlight

Some hints are:

Wattage: Divide the existing Wattage by nine to get the same brightness

Cut Out Size: Matching the existing cut out is ideal, but plaster or metal fillers are available

Colour:  Warm White (3000K) is slightly whiter than halogen or incandescent bulbs but is great in a home.  Cool White (4000K) is used in offices and shops.

Beam Angle:  Beam angles over about 100 degrees tend to catch your eye across the room and over 60 degrees avoids pools of light. So between 60 and 100 degrees works best for general use.

Make:   All brands have failures so choose a supplier that will honour the guarantee
Quick Quality Test for LED Downlights.

View the light from close up through the viewfinder of your phone camera.  Strong flickering indicates low quality electronics and reduced life, and maybe tired eyes and a headache
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