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Which Downlight to Choose

Here are some tips to help choosing an LED downlight

1. It should fit the existing cut out hole
2. Be rated IC or IC-F
3. Have a Document of Compliance if required
3. Be from a well established company with a good reputation that can be relied on to honour any guarantee.
4. Buy the best you can afford.  Santa is not selling LED lighting so cheap means that costs have been cut. It is possible to buy $US3.00 downlights in China aimed for the low end of their domestic market.
5. Warm White or 3000K is most popular in the home.
6. Beam angles between 40 and 90 degrees minimise light pools and glare
7. Use 600 to 700 Lumens to replace a 50 Watt halogen, or 800 to 1000 Lumens to replace a 100 Watt downlight.
8.Most colour rendering is 80 but if you have carefully chosen your colour scheme, have the colours remain vibrant by using a CRI 90 downlight.

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Remodeling and Home Design

For thousands of design ideas visit the Houzz website by clicking the button above. If you find a design you like email the picture to and we can suggest light fittings to obtain a similar effect.
Changing to LED downlights

To keep the changeover simple use LED downlights that:
  • Fit into the existing ceiling holes
  • Can be installed completely under the insulation
This table has a selection of fittings for the most common hole sizes
which are installed below the insulation.

 100mm diameter hole
Cut Out Size  Face plate
Make  Price Model and Link to listing
82 to 110mm 125mm Eurotech $53.65 ICDLR125 12W3K
90mm to 100mm  115mm Eurotech     $25.00 ECONDL10W3K
90mm 104 mm Halcyon      $40.90 R754
82 to 100mm 108 mm Eurotech $39.60 ICDLR12W3K
82 to 100mm 108mm Eurotech $26.95 each light ICDLTWIN12W3K
90 to 100mm 113mm Superlux $33.90 LDE90
90mm 109 mm Eurotech $57.10 ICDLT13W3K
95mm 103mm Eurotech $69.00 ICDLRG13W3K-WH
100 to 110mm 125 mm Superlux    $37.90 LDL100

 125mm diameter hole
110 to 125 mm 145mm Eurotech    $33.70 ECONDL12W3K-WH
115mm to 125mm 136 mm Halcyon $46.50 R755
125 to 135mm 148 mm Superlux $58.92 LDL125
125 to 135mm 150 mm Halcyon $55.90 R766
120 to 140mm 160 mm Eurotech $69.00 ICDLR16015W3K


We have been selling online at below retail prices since 2006.   All our fittings are well known brands from New Zealand's leading manufacturers and importers. With our free shipping, a full range of quality light fittings is available within two working days anywhere in NZ.
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Best Buys

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LED Flood inbuilt Sensor
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Industry Pendants
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2x58 Watt Batten with Tubes

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230 Volt


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