Cut out Sizes of LED downlights Listed

Index To Find Correct Size Downlight

  • The table is a quick find for lights that will fit cutout holes and have the required faceplate diameter.
  • The green links on the table take you to the listing.
  Cut Out Size   Face plate
Power Make  Model and Link to listing
R535-thumb 60mm 65mm  9.5 Watts Halcyon  R535
Pinhole-Low-glare 68mm 85mm  10 Watts Eurotech  PHDL1090
Untitled-2 67mm to
85 mm 10 Watts EurotechGEOLED   ICDLR10WCCT
R77-Thumb 72mm 86mm 8.50Watts Halcyon R770
Low-Glare-10W 75mm 85mm  10 Watts  Eurotech  COBLG15WCCT
R536-Thumb 78mm 83mm  14 Watts  Halcyon  R536
R692-Thumb 82mm to
96mm 9.5 Watts Halcyon R692
Untitled-10 82mm to 105mm 125mm 12 Watts Eurotech GEOLED ICDLR125 12W3K
Untitled-12 82mm to 98mm 108 mm 12 Watts Eurotech GEOLED ICDLR12WCCT
Untitled4 82mm to
98mm 11 Watts Halcyon R920
Low-glare-15W 83mm 95mm 15 Watts  Eurotech COBLG15WCCT
Low-Glare-12W 85mm to 90mm 105mm 12 Watts  Eurotech LGDL12WCCT
Untitled-5 90mm to 100mm 113mm 10 Watts Superlux LDE90-WH
LDU=90 90mm to 100mm 115mm 10 Watts Superlux LDU90-WH
Untitled-6 90mm to
104 mm 8 Watts Halcyon       R754
Untitled-9 90mm to 100mm 110mm 10 Watts CLA Lighting colour temp adjustable GALMWH01
Untitled-15 90mm to
115mm 10 Watts Prolux   DL54
R772 92mm to 95mm 104mm 12 Watts Halcyon R771
Untitled-17 100mm to 110mm 120mm 13 Watts Halcyon   R921
R77-Thumb 100mm to 115mm 130mm 15 Watts Halcyon R772
R77-Thumb 100mm to 110mm 120mm 11 Watt Halcyon R765
Untitled-19 100 to
125 mm 8 Watts Superlux     LDL100
Untitled-15 110mm to 132mm 145mm 13 Watts Prolux DL55
   Untitled-32 115mm to 125mm 136 mm 14 Watts Halcyon R755
Untitled-33 125mm to 135mm 148 mm 12 Watts Superlux LDL125
R600 125mm to 135mm 150mm 11 Watts Halcyon R600
Untitled-22 120mm to 140mm 160 mm 15 Watts Eurotech GEOLED ICDLR16015W3K
R77-Thumb 145 mm to 150mm 160 mm 18 Watts Halcyon R774
Untitled-23 145mm to 150mm 160 mm 20 Watts Halcyon R756
Untitled-24 160mm 180 mm 15 Watts Superlux LDL160
Untitled-25 154mm to 168mm 188 mm 20 Watts Eurotech GEOLED ICDLR20W3K
Tilting Downlights
R694-100x100 83mm 92mm 5.4 Watts Halcyon R694
R773-100x100 92mm 103mm 12 Watts Halcyon R773
R693-100x100 93mm 105mm 8 Watts Halcyon R693
Untitled-26 90mm to 100mm 109 mm 13 Watts Eurotech GEOLED ICDLT13W3K
Untitled-27 95mm 103mm 13 Watts Eurotech GEOLED ICDLRG13W3K-WH
Untitled-28 105mm to 115mm 125mm  11 Watts Superlux LDL-SWGD

If you are thinking of a DIY change over of your downlights here is a link to the
NZ Government Worksafe Site