Cut out Sizes of LED downlights Listed

Index To Find Correct Size Downlight

  • The table is a quick find for lights that will fit cutout holes and have the required faceplate diameter.
  • The green links on the table take you to the listing.
    Cut Out Size   Face plate
Power Make  Model and Link to listing
R535-thumb   60mm 65mm  9.5 Watts Halcyon  R535
Pinhole-Low-glare   68mm 85mm  10 Watts Eurotech  PHDL1090
    70mm 80mm 8W Prolux DL103A
  67mm to 75mm 85mm 10 Watts Eurotech  ICDLR10W
Untitled-2   67mm to
85 mm 10 Watts EurotechGEOLED   ICDLR10WCCT
R77-Thumb   72mm 86mm 8.50Watts Halcyon R770
Low-Glare-10W   75mm 85mm  10 Watts  Eurotech  COBLG15WCCT
R536-Thumb   78mm 83mm  14 Watts  Halcyon  R536
DL350-Thumb   75mm 90mm 10 Watts Prolux  DL350
R920-THumb   82mm 90mm  11 Watts  Halcyon  R920 KWWUDL
R692-Thumb   82mm to
96mm 9.5 Watts Halcyon R692
Untitled-12   82mm to 98mm 108 mm 12 Watts Eurotech GEOLED ICDLR12R90
Untitled-12   82mm to 98mm 108mm 12 Watts Eurotech ICDLR sincge colour ICDLR12W
R756   82mm to
98mm 11 Watts Halcyon R920
Low-glare-15W   83mm 95mm 15 Watts  Eurotech COBLG15WCCT
Low-Glare-12W   85mm to 90mm 105mm 12 Watts  Eurotech LGDL12WCCT
    85mm to 100mm 110mm 13W Prolux DL401
LDUG-thumb   90mm 104mm 10 Watts Superlux  LUDUGR90
    90mm to 97mm 110mm 13Watts Prolux DL301
DLP6FWG3NZ-Small   90mm to 100mm 115mm 8 Watts  Pierlite DLP6FWG3NZ
Untitled-5   90mm to 100mm 113mm 10 Watts Superlux LDE90-WH
Untitled-9   90mm to 100mm 110mm 10 Watts CLA Lighting colour temp adjustable GALMWH01
Untitled-15   90mm to
115mm 10 Watts Prolux   DL54
R772   92mm to 95mm 104mm 8 Watts Halcyon R771
Untitled-17   100mm to 110mm 120mm 13 Watts Halcyon   R921
R77-Thumb   100mm to 120mm 130mm 15 Watts Halcyon R772
R77-Thumb   100mm to 110mm 120mm 11 Watt Halcyon R765
Untitled-15   110mm to 132mm 145mm 13 Watts Prolux DL55
  R756   115mm to 125mm 136 mm 14 Watts Halcyon R755
  DL361-thumb   120mm to 130mm 150mm 15 Watts  Prolux DL361
    120mm to 135mm 145mm 13W Prolux DL403
DL284   125mm to 130mm 145mm 18W  Prolux DL284
R766   125mm to 135mm 150mm 15 Watts  Halcyon  R766 W34
Untitled-33   125mm to 135mm 148 mm 12 Watts Superlux LDL125
R600   125mm to 135mm 150mm 11 Watts Halcyon R600
Untitled-22   120mm to 140mm 160 mm 15 Watts Eurotech GEOLED ICDLR16015W3K
R756   145mm 160mm 20 Watts  Halcyon R756KWWUDL 
R774   145 mm to 150mm 160 mm 18 Watts Halcyon R774
Untitled-24   160mm 180 mm 15 Watts Superlux LDL160
Untitled-25   154mm to 168mm 188 mm 20 Watts Eurotech GEOLED ICDLR20W3K
    175mm 198mm 18 Watts Superlux LDL175-WH    
Tilting Downlights
R694-100x100 83mm 92mm 5.4 Watts Halcyon R694
R773-100x100 92mm 103mm 12 Watts Halcyon R773
R693-100x100 93mm 105mm 8 Watts Halcyon R693
Untitled-26 90mm to 100mm 109 mm 13 Watts Eurotech GEOLED ICDLT13W3K
Untitled-27 95mm 103mm 13 Watts Eurotech GEOLED ICDLRG13W3K-WH
Untitled-28 105mm to 115mm 125mm  11 Watts Superlux LDL-SWGD

If you are thinking of a DIY change over of your downlights here is a link to the
NZ Government Worksafe Site