Electrical Work Homeowners can Carry Out

The Electrical  work that home owners may do themselves is controlled by the  New Zealand Electricity Regulations 1997.

This is an extract from the Regulations, if in any doubt contact Energy Safety:

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Wellington 6140
New Zealand

Electricity Regulations 1997

Home-owners' electrical wiring work
  • (1)For the purposes of section 110 of the Act, any person to whom that section applies may do or assist in doing the following work on low voltage electrical installations:

    • (a)remove and replace any of the following kinds of fittings, where the work does not involve work on any switchboard:

      • (i)switches:

      • (ii)socket outlets:

      • (iii)permanent connection units:

      • (iv)light fittings:

      • (v)batten holders:

      • (vi)cord grip lampholders:

      • (vii)ceiling roses:

      • (viii)flexible cords connected to any permanent connection unit, ceiling rose, or cord grip lampholder:

      • (ix)water heater switches:

      • (x)thermostats:

      • (xi)elements:

    • (b)remove and replace fuse links:

    • (c)connect and disconnect fixed wired appliances:

    • (d)relocate existing switches, socket outlets, and lighting outlets that are supplied with electricity by tough-plastic-sheathed cables:

    • (e)install, extend, and alter subcircuits (including submains), provided that—

      • (i)the person must not enter (whether personally, by holding any material or equipment, or otherwise) any enclosure where live active conductors are likely to be present; and

      • (ii)the work is tested by a registered electrical inspector, in accordance with NZS 3019, and the work is certified by that inspector in accordance with regulation 39, before being connected to a supply of electricity by such an inspector.

    (2)A person who carries out work pursuant to section 110 of the Act must carry out the work in accordance with the requirements of ECP 51.