Hunza Warranty

HUNZA Five Year Warranty*
All HUNZA aluminum luminaires with a UV stable powder-coat finish have a five-year
replacement warranty, subject to standard conditions listed below.

HUNZA Ten Year Warranty*
All HUNZA solid copper and stainless steel luminaires have a ten-year replacement
warranty, subject to standard conditions listed below.

HUNZA Lifetime Warranty
All glass lenses supplied with HUNZA luminaires have a lifetime replacement warranty
against breakage.

*Standard Conditions:

1.  The environment in which the fixture is to be installed must be considered carefully  
   when  selecting the finish. Solid copper and stainless steel luminaires are    
   recommended for high-risk environments such as near salt water. Aluminium   
   luminaires may not be covered by the full warranty in these situations.
2.  Stainless Steel requires regular cleaning in salty environments.

3.  Warranty excludes lamps and lamp holders, which are consumable items.

4.  Warranty excludes impact damage (except for lenses), incorrect installation and  
   incorrect re-assembly.

5.  Fixtures must be kept properly maintained, including replacement of gaskets and   
   lenses when necessary and use of approved wattage lamps.

6.  Warranty on transformers is limited to 5 years for magnetic transformers and 3    
   years for electronic transformers and ballasts.

7.  HUNZA Lighting, at its discretion, may replace components or the complete fixture.

8.  HUNZA will not be liable for any labour changes for any repair or replacement of   
   defective drivers. Drivers have their own manufacturer warranty and any faults will   
   be at the responsibility of the manufacturer.

9.  HUNZA reserves the right to limit liability on non-standard luminaires or delivery