Choosing an LED Downlight

Which Downlight to Choose

Here are some tips to help choosing an LED downlight
  •  It should fit the existing cut out hole
  •  Be rated IC or IC-F
  •  Have a Document of Compliance.
  •  Be from a well established company with a good reputation that can be relied on. Every downlight series has to be tested for use in NZ and each light must be marked with the importers identity and insulation rating.
    When the compliance costs and freight are included the price in NZ of quality LED downlights is reasonable.  Assessing quality can only be done by testing not just by appearance, so you are safer with a Company that is jealous of its reputation.
  •  Warm White or 3000K is most popular in the home.
  •  Beam angles between 40 and 90 degrees minimise light pools and glare
  •  Use 600 to 700 Lumens to replace a 50 Watt halogen, or 800 to 1000 Lumens to replace a 100 Watt downlight.
  •  Most colour rendering is 80  Colours remain vibrant when using a CRI 90 downlight.