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Hunza twin Bar Spot Light

TBS Twin Bar Spot

Price showing is for the aluminium version use the drop down box for copper and stainless prices

twin_bar_tech.gifTwo individual  spotlights mounted on a bar and able to be adjusted separately.

The twin bar is ideal for the garden or for sign illumination or to hi light a wall. 

Made from 10mm aluminium and coated with a UV stable powder coating, also in solid copper  or solid grade 316 stainless steel.
The fittings are custom made to order and a number of options are available. The material can be Tiwai Aluminium powdercoated to one of 10 standard colours:
BK - Black                                   PR Primrose  
BZ - Bronze                                RG Beige
GN - Green                                 OG Olive Green
STAR - Silver Star                      DG Dark Grey
WH - White                                 WB Birch

The fitting comes with 12 Volt replaceable LED lamps

Physical Properties


Solid Powdercoated Aluminium, Copper or Stainless Steel

Ingress Protection



AS/NZS 61046, UL 1838

Email for a quote to supply  any variation or Pure LED

The light fitting has UL Certification for use in USA and Canada.


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