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Index To Find Correct Downlight

  • The table is a quick find for lights that will fit cutout holes and have required faceplate diameter.
  • When you compare our prices please do so for the same make and model.
    star-small   Indicates best seller for last month
Cut Out Size   Face plate
Power Make  Model and Link to listing
67mm to 75mm 85 mm 10 Watts EurotechGEOLED   ICDLR10W3K
70mm to 80mm 90 mm 12 Watts Home Lighting Kameleon Fixed
80mm to 85mm 95mm 14 Watts Tejas Taddeo80
82mm to 84mm 96mm 9.5 Watts Halcyon R692
82mm to 90mm 98mm 11 Watts Halcyon R920
90mm to 100mm 113mm 10 Watts Superlux LDE90-WH
90mm to 95mm 104 mm 8 Watts Halcyon       R754
90mm to105mm 115mm 9 Watts CLA Lighting NOVA1
92mm to 95mm 104 mm 8 Watts Halcyon R770
95mm 105mm 13 Watts Home Lighting HL95LED
90mm to 100mm 110mm 10 Watts CLA Lighting colour temp adjustable GALMWH01
82mm to 110mm 125mm 12 Watts EurotechGEOLED   ICDLR125 12W3K
90mm to 100mm  115mm 10 Watts Eurotech     ECONDL10W3K
90mm to 100mm 110 mm 12 Watts Home Lightinh Kameleon Tilting
82mm to 100mm 108 mm 12 Watts Eurotech GEOLEDstar-small ICDLR12W3K
82mm to 100mm 108mm 12 Watts Eurotech GEOLED ICDLTWIN12W3K
82mm to 100mm 108mm 12 Watts Eurotech GEOLED ICDLR12WCRI90
90mm to
115mm 10 Watts Prolux   star-small DL54
95mm to 105mm 110mm 12 Watts LDNZ NZLDA12W3K
100mm to 110mm 120mm 13 Watts Halcyon   star-small R921
100mm to 105mm 115mm 25 Watts Tejas Taddeo100
100mm to 110mm 120mm 12 Watts Home DL HL109LED ICF
100 to 110 mm 120mm 11 Watts Halcyon R765
100 to 110mm 125 mm 8 Watts Superlux    star-small    LDL100
110mm to 125 mm 145mm 12 Watts Eurotech   ECONDL12W3K-WH
110mm to 132mm 145mm 13 Watts Prolux DL55
115mm to 125mm 136 mm 14 Watts Halcyon R755
125mm to 130mm 140mm 12 Watts Home DL HL122LED IC-F
125mm to 135mm 148 mm 12 Watts Superlux LDL125
125mm to 135mm 150mm 11 Watts Halcyon R600
125mm to 135mm 150 mm 16 Watts Halcyon R766
120mm to 140mm 160 mm 15 Watts Eurotech GEOLED ICDLR16015W3K
145mm to 150mm 160 mm 20 Watts Halcyon R756
150mm to 160mm 180 mm 15 Watts Superlux LDL160
154mm to 168mm 188 mm 20 Watts Eurotech GEOLED ICDLR20W3K
Tilting Downlights
90mm to 100mm 109 mm 13 Watts Eurotech GEOLED ICDLT13W3K
95mm 103mm 13 Watts Eurotech GEOLED ICDLRC13W3K-WH
105mm 125mm  11 Watts Superlux LDL-SWGD

If you are thinking of a DIY change over of your downlights here is a link to the NZ Regulations

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