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24 Volt LED Constant Voltage Drivers

NZ $21.15 includes GST

Constant Voltage drivers for 24 Volt LED tape or lights.

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Halcyon Constant Voltage Drivers

24 Volts Output

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  • Choose the correct table using the Voltage
  • Select the correct driver by adding 10% to the total Wattage of the circuit
  • Choose the driver in the drop down box under the price box on the upper left of the page.
  • Warranty 5 years
  Wattage Code Length mm Width mm Height mm
DRMACV24-12W 12 Watt DRMACV24 12W 50mm 48mm 24mm
DRACV24-20W 20 Watt DRACV24 20W 113mm 44mm 28mm
DRACV24-50W 50 Watt DRACV24 50W 184mm 61mm 32mm
DRACV24-50W 75 Watt DRACV24 75W 174mm 61mm 32mm
DRACV24-150W 150 Watt DRACV24 150W 222mm 70mm 40mm
DRACV12-200W 200 Watt DRACV24 200W 249mm 72mm 40mm



DRDAC24V25W 25 Watt DRDACV24 25W 122mm 52mm 30mm
DRDACV12-50W 50 Watt DRDACV24 50W 184mm 61mm 32mm
DRDACV24-100W 100 Watt DRDACV24 100W 210mm 67mm 34mm
DRACV12-200W 200 Watt DRDACV24 200W 249mm 72mm 40mm



DRIPCV12-36W 36 Watt DRIPCV24 36W 169mm 55mm 30mm
DRIPCV12-75W 75 Watt DRIPCV24 75W 186mm 64mm 39mm


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