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Halcyon 24 volt Constant Voltage Drivers

These are LED drivers that give a constant voltage of 24 volts.

Calculate the power requirements of the length of LED strip you are installing by multiplying the length of the strip in meters by the power per meter of the strip.

For example if you are using a 2.7 meter length of 15 Watts per meter LED strip the power required will be 2.7 x 15 = 40.5 Watts.
Choose a driver that is the next higher in power to the wattage required for the length of strip.  In this example it will be the 75 watt driver.

Driver A

DRACV24 20W  LED Driver 20W - 24V Constant Voltage
  L113mm x W44mm x D28mm
Wattage:   0-15W
Voltage: Prim: 240V Sec: 24V DC Constant Voltage

Driver B
LED Driver 36W - 24V Constant Voltage
L166 x W52 x D24mm

Driver C

LED Driver 75W - 24V Constant Voltage
L184 x W61x D32mm
Prim: 240V Sec: 24V DC


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