Milan 10 Cordset Pendant


The Milan 10 Cordset Pendant is a lighting fixture that can be used to create a unique and customisable lighting display. It includes 10 power cables that are each 5 meters long and covered in fabric, allowing for flexibility in how they are arranged. The fixture has a fixing area of 250 mm in diameter.

To operate the Milan 10 Cordset Pendant, you will need to purchase bayonet base B22 bulbs separately. It is recommended to use cage type LED bulbs with a maximum power of 60 watts for the best effect. These bulbs are not included with the fixture.

When setting up the Milan 10 Cordset Pendant, be sure to carefully arrange the power cables in a way that creates the desired lighting effect. With its unique design and customizable features, this fixture can be used to create a stunning lighting display in any space.



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